Replica TAG Heuer Monaco Watches behind the story

TAG Heuer Monaco Replica series is a very easy to be recognized at a glance the watch, the story behind it is also very noteworthy.
Replica TAG Heuer Monaco
In 1969, TAG Heuer  announced the Grand Prix to pay tribute to Monaco Monaco 1133, this innovative watch is the world’s first square waterproof watch.
From 1969 until the mid-1970s came out of production, TAG Heuer Monaco has always been a fan of racing fans table is very hot one of the watches. TAG Heuer  in this short period of time in Monaco has used Caliber 11,12,15, Valjoux 7736,7740 and other variety of movement.
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Until the 1998 watch is about to celebrate the 30th birthday of the occasion, the brand has restarted the watch. But 5,000 of the “limited edition” does not seem to achieve the desired results.
In 2003, TAG Heuer Replica in Caliber 17 automatic chronograph movement on the basis of the re-creation of the Monaco CW2113. In 2004, with the help of master Philippe Dufour developed and developed the Monaco V4. It is these continuing efforts to really activate the legendary Monaco watch the intrinsic value.
Since then, the 2006 Monaco 360LS, Monaco in 2009 24, Monaco calendar, TAG Heuer TAG Heuer has been maintained unremittingly to the classic TAG Heuer TAG Heuer watch the innovative maintenance development.
Replica TAG Heuer
In 2009, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of TAG Heuer Monaco watches, TAG Heuer TAG Heuer also launched a special Caliber 11 using the classic movement of the classic engraved version.
Replica TAG Heuer Monaco watches
Today, the TAG Heuer Chronograph Monaco Chronograph has gone through forty-four Spring and Autumn, it carries the historical and cultural value may already be beyond its own practicality, I believe that the charm of this classic product will be more time-consuming and longer New.
Replica TAG Heuer Monaco

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