Replica TAG Heuer Carrera launched the new CARRERA series of watches

Created in the 50s, the “Carrera Panamericana Mexico” is a legendary race involving many pilots exceptional. Juan Manuel Fangio, the famous Argentinian driver five times Formula 1 world champion, in 1953 adds to his achievements even this victory. In 1964, to pay tribute to this exceptional adventure, TAG Heuer replica launched the Carrera Chronograph, which combine sporting spirit and elegance. The response was immediate. Current watches and chronographs Carrera perfectly embodies the vibrant spirit of the age of “gentlemen drivers”, without losing the elegance of the original model.
Replica TAG Heuer Carrera watches
The new black and silver chronograph retro styling also derived from Jack? TAG Heuer (Jack Heuer) classic CARRERA design. Double-chronograph design makes people immediately think of the sixties collectors sought after classic CARRERA: 9 o’clock position black timing disk and 3 o’clock position of the second disk. But it is not a general chronograph, the flange is equipped with a range finder, this ancient military tools can be measured according to the speed of the sound of fire distance. Why do not we use thunderstorms to estimate the distance between a thunderstorm and you? This is one of the unique features introduced by the new TAG Heuer Carrera replica. Black perforated belt, the time by the shape and the 39 mm dial with a silhouetted against the classical taste. Clasp engraved with the classic Tiger Tag Heuer Logo, in the most subtle highlight the extraordinary taste.
The retro logo on the dial is a unique symbol of the extraordinary TAG Heuer HEUER, is also the link between history and modern ties.
In order to retro interpretation of the charm more thoroughly, CARRERA Series CALIBRE 18 watch movement was placed under the transparent back cover, so that the whole more thin. Through the sapphire crystal back cover, magnificent Caliber 18 movement glance. On the balance wheel decorated with fine Geneva ripple.
Replica TAG Heuer
TAG Heuer launched two CARRERA series of new watches, retro styling with TAG Heuer Classic Heuer Logo, inherited the TAG Heuer replica watches tradition while giving its unique modern style. 39 mm case diameter is ideal for fashion men and women.
Replica TAG Heuer Carrera
In 1963, when Jack Heuer (Jack Heuer) set out for professional racers and racing enthusiasts to design a dedicated chronograph, the born of the race he clearly knows the racers are really on the watch needs : Open, clear and easy to read the dial and watch with waterproof shock watch. The following year, Jack Heuer, a fanatical fan of the car racing, introduced a hand-wound mechanical chronograph, called Carrera, to honor the legendary “CARRERA Pan American Road Race” (CARRERA PAN AMERICANA). The event originated in the 50’s, participants in 5 days in Mexico through the ride, ride 3,300 km (2100 miles). As the most prestigious – and most dangerous – endurance race at the time, CARRERA means “the highest level of competition” in Spanish; today it is still synonymous with passion, danger, adventure and heroism.
TAG Heuer replica
The new silver and blue three-pin watch in the dial scale “60” of the raised, the classic logo and TAG Heuer decorated with a touch of red, as a tribute to the 1963 Carrera chronograph models.
Blue small seconds and blue retro punch belt perforation echoes. Clasp engraved on the classic TAG Heuer Logo, in the most subtle highlight the extraordinary taste. Silver, blue and red blend to give the table with a unique fashion retro style.
Replica TAG Heuer Carrera
The CARRERA CALIBER 6-gauge three-pin watch is equipped with a caliber 6 Caliber 6 movement certified by the official Swiss Observatory. The balance wheel is decorated with Geneva bellows for 44 hours. Back through the table at the end of the whole more light and pure, to create a true retro charm.
Classic and unconventional, TAG Heuer CARRERA watch for anyone who appreciate the extraordinary design, collectors and fashion lovers can not miss the wrist

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