Panerai luminor 1950 3 days gmt automatic Ceramica and Acciaio

Beijing, March 2, 2017 – Huo Jianhua is a loyal collector and connoisseur of Panerai replica for many years. The Taiwanese actor is also one of the most popular faces of Chinese film and television. This time with the Panerai Luminor 1950 series 3 days power reserve automatic professional diving red gold watch hand in hand, the perfect embodiment of the brand’s extraordinary quality, pure taste and sincere enthusiasm.
Panerai luminor 1950 3 days gmt automatic Ceramica
Panerai luminor 1950 3 days gmt automatic Ceramica
Angelo Bonati, chief executive officer of Panerai Sea, flew from Italy to Beijing and announced today that the new partnership, with the guests to take the lead in previewing the journey of Florence in the heart of Florence, to explore the city and the brand history has a great origin of the famous landmark. Tracing the source, Panerai family in 1860 to set up Florence’s first watchmaking workshop, so far is still the brand name of the historic place, attracting Panerai lovers have come here especially.
Panerai luminor 1950 3 days gmt automatic Ceramica replica
Panerai luminor 1950 3 days gmt replica
The protagonist Huo Jianhua perfect interpretation of Panerai replica watches brand embodied in the value of the way of life. In this city with a cradle of the Renaissance, the beauty of culture and artistic talent show through a number of symbolic and representative scenes.
Panerai and Huo Jianhua work together to enhance the brand’s reputation in the Chinese region, to promote the world and the value of panerai luminor 1950 3 days gmt automatic ceramica replica watches. Huo Jianhua said: “Panerai is a classic, timeless watch brand, history and brand personality are closely linked, and excellent quality. Brand adhere to the faith and I uphold the attitude of the business coincides with only pure and sincere The enthusiasm to touch the most authentic emotional expression.
Panerai luminor 1950 3 days gmt automatic Acciaio
Panerai luminor 1950 3 days gmt automatic Acciaio replica
Huo Jianhua was born in Taiwan in 1979, embraced as a singer’s dream into the art scene, but the identity of the actor by the attention, fame, its strong and rich emotional interpretation, so that he included in the film and television industry, many awards.
Panerai luminor
Panerai luminor replica
Angelo Bonati said: “Huo Jianhua is a great actor, his personal style is outstanding, elegant temperament, and Panerai watch unique tone complement each other’s achievements to prove its outstanding talent, and the same enthusiasm for the cause We are honored to be invited to take on the responsibility of the brand name of the Greater China region, “he said, adding that he would be able to understand his people and appreciate the sincere and zeal.
Panerai luminor replica uk
Panerai replica watches
Huo Jianhua will be with panerai luminor 1950 3 days gmt automatic acciaio replica together to lead the public into the colorful, pure and rich watch the world, to show the brand has always been the extraordinary character, the root of the country’s long history, while diligently create the future.

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