New Replica Hublot Classic Fusion Berluti All Black 45mm Watches

2016 Basel Watch Fair, Hublot watch once again to show the world their “fusion” design concept, by virtue of a unique way, those who usually seem to play with the watch eight pole material, perfect Combined together, of course, the final results give the impression is also very deep, because they are really too new. Berluti, the famous Paris shoes family, Hublot with the cooperation to create a either dial or strap, are the use of ancient antique leather material excellent timepieces, at least compared to the other brands that maverick, or even Some can be said to be shocked in terms of the table is concerned, or more normal, and this time also let Xiaobian and colleagues around them are agreed that Hublot is one of the most attractive works. Now, this interesting design concept once again used by Hublot in the chronograph, which is the new Hublot classic fusion series Berluti chronograph watch.
Hublot Classic Fusion Berluti All Black 45mm Watches
Previously the first Berluti watch can be said to be quite an alternative existence, bold creative ideas, unique appearance and unspeakable exquisite, just as Hublot has been in the hearts of fans in the image of the general, abstract, thinking jump, it is difficult So that everyone is willing to accept.
New Hublot Classic Fusion Berluti All Black 45mm Watches 2017
But it also proved Hublot the brand is very young, fearless, not to a conservative attitude to face the huge watch enthusiasts groups. Followed by the 2016 Basel Watch on the launch of the three-pin Berluti watch, Hublot replica this year for the series to join another new limited edition models, still using the same leather dial design, the same Color theme, but the new addition to the timing of the function, than the big three-pin Berluti more range of Hublot classic fusion series Berluti chronograph watch, debut.
Replica Hublot Classic Fusion Berluti All Black 45mm Watches
Basically, they are using the formula are almost the same: two styles, black ceramic material or 18k gold material, are equipped with a black leather strap, and a brown leather strap. The most attractive range of the series is their dial, with the world’s top five of the five footwear family to reach a cooperative relationship, the use of the most precious leather and the most perfect color to create. If only let Berluti make part of the band, it is simply “subtle” the word interpretation to the extreme, so this is why the dial is also used in such an unusual material reasons. Time scale and brand logo, etc. are all embossed directly on the use of leather material on the material, showing the most vivid classical beauty. The use of leather in the dial can be described as very challenging, because due to ultraviolet light, light or water vapor and other conditions, the aging process of leather will intensify. So, before it can be enclosed in the case, all the moisture in the leather is removed, and a series of special treatments are required to ensure that the leather is not aged fast).
Fake Hublot Classic Fusion Berluti All Black 45mm Watches
The new 45mm size classic fusion series Berluti chronograph watch has two colors to choose from. The first style is pure black Scritto: black ceramic material case, polished and drawing process mixed processing, with a black leather dial and a black “lettering” strap. The second style is Wang Jin Scritto: case color is very soft, the same use of drawing polishing process, with brown brown leather (Berluti’s iconic color) disk and a leather strap. Both the same disk layout, sub-dial symmetrical design, 3 o’clock is a small seconds, 9 o’clock is 30 minutes time disk, no date display function. The watch is equipped with the Cal.HUB1143 self-winding movement, the vibration frequency of 4Hz, can provide 42 hours of power reserve.
Replica Hublot Classic Fusion Berluti All Black 45mm Watches
The Replica Hublot Classic Fusion Berluti Chronograph All Black 45mm Watches Two models are limited to 250 pieces, all equipped with hand-crafted straps that combine rubber with Berluti leather and placed in Berluti’s custom packaging Box which also contains a package of Berluti leather care package. Prices, the ceramic black Scritto style is about 18,000 euros, Wang Jin Scritto style is about 36,000 euros.

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