HUBLOT 2016 The Best of Tabulation in the Year’s Classroom and the Art of Embroidery

Art from originality, Swiss watchmaking brand HUBLOT Yu-ship table has always been for the pursuit of art rooted in the spirit of the brand, in the infinite imagination of the space to explore the field of continuous exploration of the arts. Today, Yu-ship table is the Swiss traditional embroidery technology and high-tech innovation watchmaking process integration, and advanced customization for the provision of embroidery products for the Swiss top Bischoff embroidery company, with embroidery tell a story, co-designed Big Bang series of embroidery replica watches and Big Bang embroidery candy skeleton watch, the use of exquisite temptation of the material and vivid details of the cleverly decorated with a sexy Big Bang embroidered watch, full of women’s ultimate charm Replica HUBLOT Big Bang embroidered watches
Yu-ship table has long been exploring the latest high-tech materials at the same time, also did not forget to pay tribute to traditional crafts, followed by denim fabric for creative inspiration and then a variety of fashion elements for tabulation process. Yu-ship table in 2015 will be root yarn embroidery from a long time in the traditional concept of the complete liberation. Switzerland’s top watch brand for the first time the high fashion customization, fashion trends and high-level ladies underwear industry, the exquisite elements of mastery, decorated with sexy charm of the Big Bang embroidery watch. Perfect interpretation of women’s self-confidence and soft, with the charming temptation of embroidery art and watchmaking technology combined with each other. Set rebellious and sexy Ou root yarn embroidery to its unique charm in the carbon fiber made of dial and strap, which is the first time in the history of watchmaking mesh material “into” carbon fiber, innovation and technology from Yu-ship table R & D team developed with great concentration.
September 26, 2016, Yu-ship table in 2016 annual watchmaking class in the birthplace of Suzhou embroidery – beautiful and varied in Suzhou, this after thousands of years of Suzhou city quiet elegance because of Suzhou embroidery and even more brilliant. Yu-ship table invited partners, from Switzerland Bischoff embroidery company’s design director Rachel DeLagenest and Chinese embroidery artist Yao Jianping came to the antique Yao Jianping Embroidery Museum of Art, showcasing the Western women’s cultural charm and fusion of innovation. At the same time they have a further exchange of the use of East-West aesthetics in the design of the Hublot replica watches, Yu-ship table as a bridge to the art of Western advanced customization and oriental style in this encounter, Chinese and Western embroidery culture in the Yu-ship table traction collision A new spark.
Embroidery is the earliest decorative language of mankind, from St. Gallen, Switzerland (St.Gallen) of the traditional embroidery process is world-famous. Bischoff embroidery company in Switzerland, embroidery, has always been innovative and unique fashion appearance and elegant design renowned high fashion industry, from Bischoff embroidery company’s design director Rachel tells the story of Big Bang embroidery watch design, “how in the watch We are very pleased to have such a new attempt from the creative team of the two companies to jointly develop a unique pattern layout and Big Bang iconic design integration.This is the art and craft The creation of the new embroidery watch for the birth of the pursuit of self – style and spirit of independent fashion women show a more unique fashion charm.
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And from the east of the Soviet Union is the elegant color of the Soviet Union embroidered colors, more than 30 years of experience in embroidery artist Yao Jianping is a national non-heritage projects Suxiu representative inheritors, in the tradition on the basis of creating a unique ” Style, “the era of needle and thread.” Her works have also been presented to national leaders on many occasions as permanent gifts to the National Museum of China, the Nanjing Museum, the Great Hall of the People and Buckingham Palace. Yu-ship watch in the understanding of the birth process of embroidery watch, Yao Jianping said, “I very much appreciate Yu-ship table on the pursuit of art and exploration, not only decorated with art dial, but also gives a new expression of embroidery art form, More people understand the art of embroidery and its integration and modernity.
In 2015, Yu-ship table released the first Big Bang embroidery watch, and in the Swiss watch industry’s most authoritative fifteenth Geneva Grand Prix (Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève) won the “Best Women Watch award “(Ladies Best Watch). Big Bang embroidery watch “to needle painting”, the gorgeous Ou root yarn embroidery into the watch design, dial for the skeleton pattern and mosaic 11 diamonds, and bezel and bracelet is soft gentle vines pattern to the collision The beauty of the rebellious interpretation of sexy. At the same time, this is also a technical initiative, the first time in the history of the mesh mesh embroidery material “into” carbon fiber, to create the dial and carbon fiber bezel, R & D team worked hard for several months.
HUBLOT Big Bang embroidered watches
2016, Yu-ship table embroidery watch and then show the fragrance, the introduction of two new limited edition watch series – Big Bang embroidery candy skeleton watch (41 mm) and Big Bang embroidery watch (41 mm), continue to soft confidence Of the female charm and cutting-edge innovation and technology perfect fusion, two are limited edition collection 200. This is the second consecutive year Yu-ship table with Bischoff embroidery company, for the style of fashionable women show the ultimate gorgeous Ou root yarn embroidery new masterpieces. Dial design abandon all the traditional design principles of slim dial, designers significantly reduce the thickness of the operation so that the pointer and embroidery will not touch each other. This watch is called the “fusion of art” model, clever use of traditional technology, beyond the limits of technological innovation, is a superb art and the ultimate art of integration.
In 2015, Yu-ship table and specifically for the advanced custom fashion to provide embroidery products, Switzerland’s top Bischoff embroidery company for the first time, to jointly develop a unique pattern layout in order to perfect integration with the Big Bang iconic design. Big Bang embroidery watch dial for the skull and inlaid with 11 diamonds, and bezel and bracelet is soft gentle vines pattern, the beauty of the interpretation of the rebellious beauty of the collision. This is also a technology initiative, R & D team after months of painstaking effort. In the Swiss watch industry’s most authoritative fifteenth Geneva Grand Prix (Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève), HUBLOT replica Yu-ship table Big Bang embroidery watch is an overwhelming advantage to obtain the “Best Women Watch award “(Ladies Best replica Watches) award.Replica HUBLOT Embroidery watches
Turquoise green, sea soul blue, light pink, purple, bright yellow, orange red, purple blue, and in the embroidery silk into the colorful silk, shine out of the metallic luster … Big Bang embroidery candy skull watch Mm) inspired by the 2016 T station, skeleton graphics, dial 11 red spinel and strap vines together to write a colorful and beautiful color Rhapsody. 41 mm diameter case of simple power to add style to the watch: black ceramic bezel with 36 red spinel, steel bezel decorated with 36 pink Sapphire, and rose gold bezel Zeyi 36 blue Sapphire embellishment. Dial and bezel each other, mosaic 12 precious stones, ceramic models inlaid red spinel, stainless steel inlaid pink sapphire, rose gold models are inlaid blue sapphire.
In 2016, Yu-ship table to ceramic, stainless steel, gold three kinds of material enriched Big Bang embroidery watch family. Black or silver Lurex silk embroidery shines on the soft silk color, ceramic models for the black embroidery, stainless steel section with silver embroidery, and gold models are used gold embroidery, as the luxury of fine lace underwear as delicate, subtle To pass a sultry sexy. Full of charm embroidery extends from the dial to the bezel, the sexy magic play most vividly.Replica HUBLOT watches

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