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Racing and watch, a passion, a restrained, but has a complex mechanical system formed by the same gene, derived from the car and the watches in the design of each other, the spirit of the integration of the trend.

In early April F1 Shanghai station period, the public watch brand is still busy than the car, the racing driver also attended the Tag Heuer Silverstone Replica Watches brand attend the various parties. The king of Schumacher did not race on the first table for a brand platform, another champion Lewis Hamilton on the afternoon of April 16 finish qualifying at night on the suit appeared in the endorsement of the watch brand TAG Heuer precision racing 150 years F1 party. The following are the same as the ”

1/10000 seconds
Best Tag Heuer Silverstone Replica Watches
Tag Heuer Silverstone Replica Watches
Tag Heuer Silverstone watches
Ultra-precision distinction between racing champion runner-up

Speaking of the origin of watches and racing, can not fail to mention the brand is TAG Heuer. 19th century brand founder Edward TAG Heuer will Tag Heuer Silverstone Replica Watches the workshop from Soya to move to Bean, the new neighbor Henriod family is in the development of prototype car machinery manufacturers. Fate since the beginning. For more than 150 years, TAG Heuer has always been committed to creating the most accurate and reliable timers with the spirit of racing.

The world’s first instrument panel timer, the first precision of 1/100 seconds Mikrograph stopwatch, long distance race car timer “Rally Master” … … TAG Heuer replica watches again and again to improve accuracy, as ultra-accurate timing As well as the official timer supplier of top racing events such as F1.

In the 2006 French championship, with accurate to 1/10000 seconds of the timing system, TAG Heuer for the race to distinguish the history of the car the results of the closest runner-up: Matthias Ekstrom to 0.0002 seconds win over the sea Keke Lenin. 0.0002 seconds, means that the speed of more than 220 miles of the car is only a difference of 10 mm. And this accurate time world record, so far no one can break.

Sponsor team driver

Watch with the track named

TAG Heuer not only provided the most innovative equipment for the event, but also support and train the team and drivers.
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Tag Heuer Silverstone Replica Watches
Popular Tag Heuer Silverstone Watches
As early as the last century 50’s, TAG Heuer will become the first sponsor of the world’s top racing watch brand, in 1971, TAG Heuer has become the first with the entire F1 team to establish cooperation in the Tag Heuer Silverstone fake Watches brand.

TAG Heuer also digs itself and nurtures talented racers. Brand incumbent spokesperson, champion driver Lewis Hamilton, is TAG Heuer in 2003 in the British racing field to explore.

To commemorate the profound fate of the car with the race, TAG Heuer also used the track to name a variety of Tag Heuer Silverstone Replica Watch series. In 1964, the son of Edward TAG Heuer, Jack Haoya, introduced a hand-chronograph chronograph designed specifically for riders and racing enthusiasts, named Calera – the Mexican Pan-American Highway Race Calera circuit in the 1950s. Calella has also become one of the most representative of the classic watch.
Best Tag Heuer Silverstone replica Watches For You
Tag Heuer Silverstone Replica Watches
Tag Heuer Silverstone replica Watches
Since then, TAG Heuer has also launched the British Grand Prix at the British Silverstone (Silverstone) track named SilverStone series, and from Monza, Italy Monza (Monza) track Monza series (left).

April 16 evening, TAG Heuer precision racing 150 years F1 party on the biggest focus, is undoubtedly F1 champion driver Lewis Hamilton. Afternoon just finished F1 Shanghai station qualifying, and made a third good performance of his good mood that day, the scene and the lucky fans for a virtual racing game game. Speed, brakes, cornering, flick, a series of skilled cars as if the party has become a F1 game scene.

Perhaps the Tag Heuer Silverstone Watches party for Hamilton to bring a good mood and good luck, in the next day’s 2017 F1 Grand Prix, he finished the game at the last minute beyond the opponent to win, also became the first eight years in the game two wins The driver.

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