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Science and technology, more simple, faster, more efficient, beyond the dream of the logo. Not affected by gravity, to reduce the error; easier to manufacture, able to measure and display 5 / 10,000th seconds, the accuracy beyond imagination. The precision of your dream is the future of TAG Heuer.
Tag Heuer Mikrogirder 10000 replica watches
TAG Heuer broke the three-century conventional hairspring / balance wheel mechanical adjustment system, creating a completely new mechanical structure. Today, the Swiss watch legend TAG Heuer officially released the first accurate measurement and display 5 / 10,000th seconds concept Tag Heuer  Mikrogirder 10000 replica watches, vibration frequency of 1,000 Hz, vibration per hour up to 7.2 million times
Tag Heuer Carrera Mikrogirder 10000 replica watches
2005 TAG Heuer introduced vibration frequency 50 Hz, accurate measurement and display 1/100 second Caliber 360 mechanical watch. In 2010, TAG Heuer Grand Carrera Pendulum set off the watch industry’s technological revolution, equipped with the first no spring mechanical escapement: TAG Heuer Pendulum concept movement, the first time to replace the magnet effect of gossamer. TAG Heuer 6 Hertz Pendulum concept watch is still in continuous research and development, which also laid the TAG Heuer replica in the field of high vibration without a pioneer status.
In 2011, TAG Heuer launched the world’s first vibration frequency 500 Hz mechanical code table Mikrotimer Flying 1000.
Tag Heuer Carrera Mikrogirder replica watches
Mikrotimer is equipped with two escape the traditional balance wheel escapement, vibration frequency of 3.6 million times per hour, 125 times faster than the standard Swiss chronograph. The central indicator of the dial can be rotated 10 revolutions per second. So extraordinary masterpiece, won the 2011 Geneva Geneva watch “best sports watch” award. Mikrotimer Flying 1000 cut a striking figure not only shows TAG Heuer 10 years the seventh trip to the award, but also marks the TAG Heuer design and watchmaking process by the Geneva watch experts favor.
Tag Heuer Mikrogirder replica watches
Today, TAG Heuer once again brought a great masterpiece of Swiss watchmaking legend! Top Quality Tag Heuer Carrera Mikrogirder broke the technical routine, completely revolutionized the heart of the watch – movement. MIKROGIRDER’s creation, beyond the Pendulum, Mikrotimer, represents TAG Heuer has completely out of the entire mechanical watch industry with three centuries of Christian? Huygens pendulum clock prototype.
TAG Heuer MIKROGIRDER: the first step towards the ultimate precision
Tag Heuer Carrera Mikrogirder replica
MIKROGIRDER’s high-speed fine-tuning system can be said to be unprecedented, it is from the idea, research and development and manufacturing are in the TAG Heuer in Switzerland Rashidafen research and development laboratories. For three centuries the watchmaking industry follows traditional methods of producing, storing, and regulating energy, but Tag Heuer Mikrogirder 20000 cuts its time into smaller units with its potential powerful and energy-saving new movement Accurate, for the watch industry opened a new era.
Tag Heuer Carrera Mikrogirder replica watches
Tag Heuer Mikrogirder 2000 price will be accurate to an unprecedented 5 / 10,000 or 1 / 2,000th second, the new adjustment system to replace the general hairspring parts, the arm arm with a small angle with a high-speed swing rather than a traditional watch, vibration at an angle up to 320 degrees The

The advantage of the new system is self-evident. For a typical spiral winding, the influence of gravity is a major problem. But MIKROGIRDER does not have this problem. You can not consume power, you can use a very high spectrum calibration, there is no longer the amplitude and movement frequency attenuation phenomenon. Greatly improving the accuracy (time division) and performance (frequency accuracy and stability).
Tag Heuer Carrera Mikrogirder replica watches
MIKROGIRDER watches replica makes Haoya chronograph reached an ultra-high frequency field has not imagined the height, the initiative is also expected to break through the ten patents.
In an unprecedented space to create high vibration frequency
Tag Heuer Carrera Mikrogirder 2000 replica watches
The statistics are staggering: 1,000 Hz means 5 / 10,000 sec accuracy, which means vibrating 7,200,000 vibrations per hour. While the conventional mechanical watch only has 4 Hz, only 28,800 times per hour vibration, compared to MIKROGIRDER is their 250 times!

MIKROGIRDER’s dual-band system guarantees accuracy through a separate double-stranded architecture. Between the “constant speed” and “high speed” two systems independent of each other without interference, to ensure a better accuracy and accuracy. Power reserve, while reducing the energy loss caused by friction, “high speed” system when needed to start, and will not always operate. Finally, the dual-band system provides maximum readability. Time scale – 1/100, 1/1000, 5 / 10,000 seconds by the central pointer display, this display is revolutionary, one second can turn around the dial 20 laps. In addition, for example, the Mikrotimer Flying 1000, the flyback central indicator brings incredibly fast seconds, and displays 1/100 second and 1/1000 sec. By the scale on the outside of the dial, the timer at 6 o’clock shows 5 / 10,000 or 1 / 2,000 Ths seconds.
Unprecedented, Tag Heuer Mikrogirder 500 in technology and design control the ultimate precision
Tag Heuer Mikrogirder 2000 replica watches
TAG Heuer’s groundbreaking high vibration frequency to a stunning new heights – Tag Heuer Mikrogirder 5000 price has made countless technological leaps without sacrificing accuracy and utility. Future chronograph design and functional development potential is huge, and TAG Heuer, from beginning to end are leading figures.

The real “technology and design”, TAG Heuer embedded in this mechanical engineering masterpiece in a new stunning asymmetrical timing design. The crown placed in the 12 o’clock position is inspired by the TAG Heuer in January 1/100 chronograph, the overall design is full of avant-garde feeling of avant-garde. Irregular shape of the dial shows an open field of view, making it easier to read the table, while the unique design of the dial can be seen as a see the working state of the adjustment system. In the past 10 years, Monaco V4, Caliber 360, Monaco 24, Mikrograph 100, and the latest masterpiece at the end of 2011, Mikrotimer Flying 1000, Buy Cheap Tag Heuer Mikrogirder watches is a new concept table, is the future, Pioneer masterpiece.

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