Tag Heuer 2017 Valentine’s Day present couple watch

Everybody needs to have a brilliant cherish, it resembles a sweet dissolved, sweet all enticed will spread in the summit. From the underlying accidental experience, the sentiments of delicacy eyes meet up, is joined when to compose a sentimental suggestion cherish, Yuet Notes on the pointer showcase ticking the cadenced move of revolution.
TAG Heuer Valentine's Day Couple watches
This 2017 Valentine’s Day Executive Opportunity, we decide for you Valentine’s Day stunning present for your profound love expression, and would you be able to not be delightful at this point!

Valentine’s Day as an observer to sentimental love, pick a table couple said have a place with each other’s affection proceeds with, this time bearing the gathering in memory delicately in forever.
TAG Heuer Valentine's Day Couple watches 2017
Tag Heuer Carrera – Caliber Heuer 01 the foundation of the new arrangement

New case, new structure, new plan, new development. Tag Heuer stupendous dispatch of the new Carrera Caliber Heuer 01 chronograph to remember the author of the brand Edward TAG Heuer (Edouard Heuer). Development display 01 speaks to the Caliber 1887 self-created development of the fast improvement, it is the foundation of the coming of this new arrangement.
TAG Heuer Valentine's Day 2017
Straightforward and clear plan highlights the dial and empty timetable window. Base cover on the blue segment haggle empty dial plate, dark pendulum Toggle outside the eye-getting.

Five years of unremitting innovative work and change in the development of perfection in quality while entirely controlling the cost of creation, making it the main bit of the cost of under 5000 Swiss francs 100% self-delivered development chronograph.
TAG Heuer Couple watches 2017
This area additionally utilizes another era of Tag Heuer case. It surrendered the customary one-piece structure of Tag Heuer, supplanted by 12 unique parts of the measured outline; lightweight titanium metal to enhance the seismic execution. The new structure for an assortment of materials, hues, procedures and completing the blend of making unlimited potential outcomes. Blue empty elastic strap highlights the form pattern of the Tag Heuer, both sides of the straightforwardness and profundity of the impact of changes highlighted another look style.
TAG Heuer Couple watches 2017
Carrera Heuer 01 programmed chronograph image of Tag Heuer imaginative research and innovative soul; it is because of this, Tag Heuer replica to be established in 1860 has dependably been in the Swiss watch industry to keep up the vanguard position. The soul without bounds will keep on flourishing. Label Heuer will play a quality and assets to guarantee that the profound, social and philosophical initiative.
TAG Heuer watches 2017
Tag Heuer new Carrera President arrangement of everything about so excellent and intense.
2017 TAG Heuer Couple watches
Chic and element Carrera Lady arrangement is a great day by day extras, paying little respect to day and night, dressed or stacked into fight. In the new watch, the Carrera’s “track feel” that make the great style of the development, for example, faceted spines, open dials and apparatuses, give a ultra-thin bezel with the best meaningfulness and turn out to be More ladylike. These dazzling points of interest appear differently in relation to solid high contrast rendering, bringing another urban appeal. They need to go before the changing attractive appearance and the same incredible capacity to adjust.
TAG Heuer 2017
Tag Heuer Carrera Womens Watch (39mm)
New TAG Heuer 2017
Brimming with valuable stones and shimmering high-cleaned surface treatment, which is a shining adornments embellishments. With an extraordinary jewel variant (dial set with 72 best Wesselton precious stone), with an exceptionally alluring blue dial. Notwithstanding these plenitude, the plan is immaculate and moderate, with no moment hand track (on a specific watch), edge or second hand – just the hour and moment hands. This absolutely in a bigger dial, thin manual inserted scale, the date of the window and the new extravagance H-sort armlet to be further reflected. Everlasting urban style, still Carrera.
TAG Heuer The newest watches 2017

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TAG Heuer FORMULA 1 Series: bring you speed and passion

F1, is the abbreviation of the world Formula One Championship, which is the world’s highest level of car racing. Player driving characteristics of three cars in the arena of the maneuvering, and time racing. TAG Heuer FORMULA 1 series and F1 there is not a shallow love, this series because of Tiger and McLaren Formula One team created a formal cooperation, and many F1 champions have to wear. This series of watches with superb skills to record time, accompanied by the speed of maneuvering. Today we recommend four TAG Heuer FORMULA 1 series watch, so that we more intuitive appreciation of their charm.
TAG Heuer FORMULA 1 replica
Large calendar 44 mm series watch
Watch Comments: This replica watches is equipped with internal quartz movement, stainless steel case diameter of 44 mm, black dial with Arabic numerals and time scale, the date at 6 o’clock position. Watch equipped with anti-wear sapphire crystal glass table, the strap is made of silver stainless steel, folding clasp buckle design. The watch bottom for the bottom design, water depth of 200 meters.
TAG Heuer FORMULA 1 replica
Large calendar alarm 41 mm series of watches
Watch Comments: This TAG Heuer replica watches is equipped with quartz movement inside, black round dial set with silver hour markers, six o’clock position with date display. Watch case is made of stainless steel, table diameter 41 mm, anti-wear sapphire crystal glass table mirror. Watch strap is made of silver stainless steel, clasp buckle design buckle. The watch bottom for the bottom design, water depth of 200 meters.
TAG Heuer FORMULA 1 replica
Stainless steel and ceramic chronograph
Watch Comments: This watch is equipped with quartz movement inside, case diameter 41 mm, made of stainless steel – ceramics. Watch dial is black, 4: 30 position has a date display, the use of anti-wear sapphire crystal glass table, silver and black strap for the three-row chain structure, made of stainless steel and ceramics. Watch clasp buckle design, easy to fall off. In addition, this watch at the end of a dense bottom design, water depth of 200 meters, with a repeat function.
TAG Heuer FORMULA 1 replica
CALIBRE 16 Automatic Chronograph
Watch Comments: This watch mirror up to 44 mm, the case is made of stainless steel, internal carrying the total mechanical movement. Watch dial black, three o’clock position with brand logo and window date display, dial using silver time scale. Watch the use of anti-wear sapphire crystal glass table mirror, black rubber strap, use the buckle buckle. This watch uses the bottom of the bottom design, water depth of 200 meters, also has a repeat function.
Summary: These watches are TAG Heuer FORMULA 1 Replica Watches series under the watch, bold style and performance. This watch is among the series of several popular watches, rough shape and the atmosphere, and the brave car racing, stimulus is commensurate. These watches are men watch, like sports or like a large dial of friends can choose to wear.
TAG Heuer replica
TAG Heuer FORMULA 1 replica

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Replica TAG Heuer Monaco Watches behind the story

TAG Heuer Monaco Replica series is a very easy to be recognized at a glance the watch, the story behind it is also very noteworthy.
Replica TAG Heuer Monaco
In 1969, TAG Heuer  announced the Grand Prix to pay tribute to Monaco Monaco 1133, this innovative watch is the world’s first square waterproof watch.
From 1969 until the mid-1970s came out of production, TAG Heuer Monaco has always been a fan of racing fans table is very hot one of the watches. TAG Heuer  in this short period of time in Monaco has used Caliber 11,12,15, Valjoux 7736,7740 and other variety of movement.
Replica TAG Heuer Monaco uk
Until the 1998 watch is about to celebrate the 30th birthday of the occasion, the brand has restarted the watch. But 5,000 of the “limited edition” does not seem to achieve the desired results.
In 2003, TAG Heuer Replica in Caliber 17 automatic chronograph movement on the basis of the re-creation of the Monaco CW2113. In 2004, with the help of master Philippe Dufour developed and developed the Monaco V4. It is these continuing efforts to really activate the legendary Monaco watch the intrinsic value.
Since then, the 2006 Monaco 360LS, Monaco in 2009 24, Monaco calendar, TAG Heuer TAG Heuer has been maintained unremittingly to the classic TAG Heuer TAG Heuer watch the innovative maintenance development.
Replica TAG Heuer
In 2009, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of TAG Heuer Monaco watches, TAG Heuer TAG Heuer also launched a special Caliber 11 using the classic movement of the classic engraved version.
Replica TAG Heuer Monaco watches
Today, the TAG Heuer Chronograph Monaco Chronograph has gone through forty-four Spring and Autumn, it carries the historical and cultural value may already be beyond its own practicality, I believe that the charm of this classic product will be more time-consuming and longer New.
Replica TAG Heuer Monaco

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Replica TAG Heuer Grand CARRERA Top Avant-Garde Watch Series

The frames of inestimable prestige and allure, built for speed, have a bold design. Inside, radically new mechanisms redefine the pace
and the avant-garde Swiss power engineering. TAG Heuer Replica reaffirms a record unmatched arising from its connection to the world of motor racing
with an exciting new line of chronographs and replica Grand CARRERA automatic watches that reaches the highest level in terms of prestige and performance.
More than daring trendsetters, the new Grand Carrera chronographs, as incarnations of the prestigious historical heritage of TAG Heuer in the measurement of
time, represent the status symbols that defy the status quo.
Replica Tag Heuer Grand Carrera
This is not only a brave and bold pioneer, not just TAG Heuer unmatched timing tradition and the top of the history of the luxury car incarnation, but also the courage to challenge, a positive example of progress.
To commemorate the world’s most difficult and most dangerous road race – Carrera Panamericana Mexico Road Race (Carrera Panamericana Mexico Road Race), TAG Heuer in 1964 launched a car-inspired banner products Calella Chronograph – – the real heritage of the convergence of the time-oriented equipment for the car, such as the launch in 1911 of the first dedicated to the car dashboard Time of Trip. And then with the various racing areas of the top racers and teams to maintain sustained relations of cooperation so far.

In 2007, the most iconic Carrera (Carrera) series launched a grand upgrade luxury replica watches Grand CARRERA. As the perfect blend of perfect design and fantastic technology,Tag Heuer Grand CARRERA Replica – the first to draw inspiration from the high-performance GT racing engine – opens a whole new path for timer innovation.

Grand CARRERA for the first time uses a unique rotating system to provide movement power, the new technology with a disc to replace the traditional watch pointer – like the car on the dashboard – you can easily read the small second hand, the second time zone and Code table time.
Replica TAG Heuer uk
In the 2008 Basel Watch Fair, TAG Heuer further introduced the Grand CARRERA Caliber 36 RS Caliper concept chronograph. As the first fully automatic chronograph with the world’s signature Caliper rotating system, Caliper concept table powered by the Swiss Observatory certified TAG Heuer Caliber 36RS, the column-wheel movement vibration frequency reached an alarming 36,000 times / hour, the main The second hand can be timed at 1/10 second intervals. Unparalleled precision to ensure that every eye reading table data are accurate No doubt, the black dial Caliber 36 RS Caliper include a number of well-known in the field of watchmaking awards, including the Geneva Grand Prix of the Year 2008 “Best Sports Watch” And was named “Best Chronograph” by SIAR (Salon International de Alta Relojería) in Mexico City in 2008, China’s “Most Successful Design Award for Wealth” and the 2009 Red Dot Design Award.

Today, TAG Heuer in 2009 once again demonstrated its unique creativity, the most avant-garde concept and innovation into the prestigious and super luxury timer.
For the first time, the Caliper rotating dial, which can be clocked at 1/10 second intervals, from concept to reality: a concept code table inspired by the GT car, debuted at the Baselworld, with technological innovation and avant-garde design Four.

Grand CARRERA Caliber 36 RS Caliper Chronograph simple and smooth modeling. Open the cover – the following is the most advanced avant-garde process design. The source of power was once the same movement shocked at the Basel Watch Fair, the Swiss Observatory certified TAG Heuer Caliber 36 RS column-wheel movement, vibration frequency reached an alarming 36,000 times / hour, the timing accuracy of the order Asphyxia of 1/10 seconds.

Replica Watches uk the “dashboard” is a chic style of black 43 mm dial, design, with the best readability and information capacity. Features a unique Caliper rotating system, showing the original display mode, 10 o’clock position with a large logo and red marking the crown to ensure that the precise timing of 1/10 seconds – fast reading function increased by 10 times.

Ultra-luxurious and high-performance details of the design, including 9 o’clock position of the linear seconds and 4:30 position of the date display window, watch minute hand at 3 o’clock position, and the clock at 6 o’clock position, rotating system, “Geneva Ripple “pattern and polished beveled polished distribution dazzling brilliance. Other prominent features are elegant ear lugs to cut corners, the arched sapphire crystal case has a double reflective design, double sapphire crystal bottom cover locked by six screws.
Replica TAG Heuer
Unparalleled creativity, Grand CARRERA Caliber 36 RS Caliper Chronograph with solid stainless steel end piece rubber strap, or 3 fold multi-surface bracelet. All with solid steel folding buckle, safety knob and TAG Heuer logo.
Grand CARRERA Caliber 36 RS2 Caliper Titanium Racing Chronograph full of true masculinity, contains the ultimate high-end process. The internal use of the Swiss Observatory certified TAG Heuer Caliber 36 RS column-wheel movement, equipped with two rotating system, through the beautiful sapphire crystal case back can clearly see the internal operation of the watch.

Deep black back cover and case (43 mm case, advanced scrub and polished bezel, and advanced matte section of the case) is made of two titanium (Ti2), which is a super anti-aging eco-friendly pure metal, Quality of steel half. 10 o’clock position of the super-size crown – the same titanium material used – to expand the unique Caliper rotating dial 10 times the reading accuracy of 1/10 seconds.

Other advanced features include a linear permanent reader at 9 o’clock, a black rubber strap at the end with a titanium material, and a folding buckle around the wrist, just as the GT car clutched the road.

Swiss watchmaking honorary gifts: In honor of TAG Heuer as FHH (senior watch Foundation) members launched the new Grand CARRERA 17 RS rose gold and stainless steel chronograph & 8 RS large calendar two time zone rose gold and steel White watch

In October, TAG Heuer became the Swiss replica watches industry’s most advanced club FHH (senior watch Foundation) special member.
Replica TAG Heuer
TAG Heuer to commemorate the cooperation and the well-known organizations, introduced the two were made of pure steel and rose gold Grand CARRERA series of watches.
The discerning watch expert understands and explores true luxury, and for them the Caliber 17 RS Chronograph has elevated the technical performance to a unique level of honor. The high-class luxury watch highlights Grand Carrera’s signature Observatory-certified chronograph movement and dual-rotation system (9-minute minutes and 3-minute seconds), as well as advanced craftsmanship and complexity in the watchmaking field. Patterns and fine materials.

First of all, with large stopwatch size, 43 mm stainless steel case and solid rose gold gorgeous bezel. Second, with a series of advanced features Features: Advanced frosted and polished 18K rose gold bezel and precision dial; solid rose gold material of the oversized crown and chronograph knob; after double rose gold plated streamlined multi-faceted pointer; Folding buckle, safety button and solid rose gold Heuer logo crocodile leather strap. Drawing inspiration from the GT car, inherited Fake TAG Heuer outstanding racing tradition, Caliber 17 RS is a perfect build watch, will perform an unparalleled legend.
Second time zone and large calendar display features, Caliber 8 RS big calendar two time zones to become the best choice for world travel sightseeing watch, especially the men in the travel of the perfect choice. From its Grand CARRERA replica series, Caliber 8 RS large calendar time zone inherited the technical accuracy of the series and TAG Heuer and racing circles of origin; however, just contact the watch, often because of its luxury details, ignore Its unique functionality. The 6-o’clock position of the 18K rose gold rotating system is decorated with “Geneva ripples” and polished polished surfaces. Manual large calendar in the 12 o’clock position of the 18K rose gold display window display. The last of the same luxury features are solid rose gold double handle manual polishing beveled pointer; with K rose gold advanced grinding and polishing bezel; oversized screw-in solid rose gold crown; with solid steel folding buckle, Safety button and solid rose gold Heuer logo crocodile leather strap.
Replica Tag Heuer Grand Carrera
With a new generation of senior Grand CARRERA chronograph, began in 1860, the legendary avant-garde watch brand TAG Heuer, once again defended its status as the king. In innovative ideas into the most attractive Swiss chronograph movement in the process of traditional technology, TAG Heuer has always been in a leading position.

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Replica TAG Heuer Carrera launched the new CARRERA series of watches

Created in the 50s, the “Carrera Panamericana Mexico” is a legendary race involving many pilots exceptional. Juan Manuel Fangio, the famous Argentinian driver five times Formula 1 world champion, in 1953 adds to his achievements even this victory. In 1964, to pay tribute to this exceptional adventure, TAG Heuer replica launched the Carrera Chronograph, which combine sporting spirit and elegance. The response was immediate. Current watches and chronographs Carrera perfectly embodies the vibrant spirit of the age of “gentlemen drivers”, without losing the elegance of the original model.
Replica TAG Heuer Carrera watches
The new black and silver chronograph retro styling also derived from Jack? TAG Heuer (Jack Heuer) classic CARRERA design. Double-chronograph design makes people immediately think of the sixties collectors sought after classic CARRERA: 9 o’clock position black timing disk and 3 o’clock position of the second disk. But it is not a general chronograph, the flange is equipped with a range finder, this ancient military tools can be measured according to the speed of the sound of fire distance. Why do not we use thunderstorms to estimate the distance between a thunderstorm and you? This is one of the unique features introduced by the new TAG Heuer Carrera replica. Black perforated belt, the time by the shape and the 39 mm dial with a silhouetted against the classical taste. Clasp engraved with the classic Tiger Tag Heuer Logo, in the most subtle highlight the extraordinary taste.
The retro logo on the dial is a unique symbol of the extraordinary TAG Heuer HEUER, is also the link between history and modern ties.
In order to retro interpretation of the charm more thoroughly, CARRERA Series CALIBRE 18 watch movement was placed under the transparent back cover, so that the whole more thin. Through the sapphire crystal back cover, magnificent Caliber 18 movement glance. On the balance wheel decorated with fine Geneva ripple.
Replica TAG Heuer
TAG Heuer launched two CARRERA series of new watches, retro styling with TAG Heuer Classic Heuer Logo, inherited the TAG Heuer replica watches tradition while giving its unique modern style. 39 mm case diameter is ideal for fashion men and women.
Replica TAG Heuer Carrera
In 1963, when Jack Heuer (Jack Heuer) set out for professional racers and racing enthusiasts to design a dedicated chronograph, the born of the race he clearly knows the racers are really on the watch needs : Open, clear and easy to read the dial and watch with waterproof shock watch. The following year, Jack Heuer, a fanatical fan of the car racing, introduced a hand-wound mechanical chronograph, called Carrera, to honor the legendary “CARRERA Pan American Road Race” (CARRERA PAN AMERICANA). The event originated in the 50’s, participants in 5 days in Mexico through the ride, ride 3,300 km (2100 miles). As the most prestigious – and most dangerous – endurance race at the time, CARRERA means “the highest level of competition” in Spanish; today it is still synonymous with passion, danger, adventure and heroism.
TAG Heuer replica
The new silver and blue three-pin watch in the dial scale “60” of the raised, the classic logo and TAG Heuer decorated with a touch of red, as a tribute to the 1963 Carrera chronograph models.
Blue small seconds and blue retro punch belt perforation echoes. Clasp engraved on the classic TAG Heuer Logo, in the most subtle highlight the extraordinary taste. Silver, blue and red blend to give the table with a unique fashion retro style.
Replica TAG Heuer Carrera
The CARRERA CALIBER 6-gauge three-pin watch is equipped with a caliber 6 Caliber 6 movement certified by the official Swiss Observatory. The balance wheel is decorated with Geneva bellows for 44 hours. Back through the table at the end of the whole more light and pure, to create a true retro charm.
Classic and unconventional, TAG Heuer CARRERA watch for anyone who appreciate the extraordinary design, collectors and fashion lovers can not miss the wrist

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Replica TAG Heuer aquaracer 500m performance evaluation articles

The Aquaracer is a sports watch, whose design is based on the high precision required from water sports. Created by master watchmakers and designers TAG Heuer Replica, the Aquaracer is an original, prestigious sports watch. Water resistant to 300 meters, the new series inherits the design and features dell’intramontabile 2000 series, launched in 1982.
Replica TAG Heuer aquaracer
TAG Heuer replica watches shape is still more lovable, sport without losing elegance, and in the movement, the TAG Heuer because of its suppliers in the field of watchmaking fame, a few years ago with the Zenith and Dubois-Depraz Cooperation in the development of movement. At the same time, Caliber 1887 industrial production is also early start, Tiger has been put into new plants, new work shop, used to create the future movement of the mechanical parts.
Replica TAG Heuer aquaracer
TAG Heuer most of the movement from the ETA, as well as table fans are more familiar with the unique design and Dubois-Depraz cooperation Caliber 11 and 12, Caliber 16 and 17 from the ETA launched in 2009, home-made Caliber 1887, Caliber 36 and Caliber 360, developed by Zenith.
Replica TAG Heuer aquaracer 500m
ETA movement is more word of mouth, this Tiger Tag Heuer Aquaracer 500 is based on the movement is ETA 2824-2. From the data point of view, the Tag Heuer Caliber 5 movement is a high quality chronograph movement, Swiss-made, self-winding movement, diameter 26 mm (11). With a fast calendar adjustment function. Movement balance wheel frequency 28,800 times per hour vibration (4 Hz), power reserve 38 hours. Although the entire movement can not be said to be the most outstanding movement TAG Heuer, but also durable.
TAG Heuer Caliber 5 movement through the end of the design, the movement of the decorative and practical polished and polished are more in place, most of the grinding for the mechanized wire drawing treatment, a small amount of Geneva stripes and fish scale decoration, plywood and screws are chamfered . Luminous, this table also showed a more professional attitude, luminous coating done in place, luminous brightness was significantly higher than many brands. The movement is decorated with Geneva corrugated pattern, engraved “TAG Heuer – SWISS MADE SINCE1860 – AQUARACER 500M MERTERS – 1660 FEET” words. Next, take a look at the stability and precision of the Tiger Aquaracer 500, which has a 38-hour power reserve.
Five-position detection, followed by the surface, the left, to the next, the right and to the. As shown in the following figure, the TAG Heuer Aquaracer replica 500 in the five azimuth difference is negative, but the difference of 3 seconds / day, the state is still very stable. This is the biggest error I’ve seen since the evaluation. The highest value has reached the horror of -21 seconds, the lowest value has reached +18 seconds. Although the state is not ideal, five-way difference has reached nearly -19 seconds. Although the difference within 20 seconds of the mechanical watch is also normal, but for some fans, this result is that some people disappointed.
Replica TAG Heuer aquaracer
Swing amplitude of the largest 285 degrees, the minimum swing is also 260 degrees, are within the normal range of values, swing amplitude difference in 25 degrees, compared to the stability of the degree is not bad.
Replica TAG Heuer aquaracer
The polarization range of the TAG Heuer Aquaracer 500m replica is between 0.5 and 0.6, as long as no more than 1 ms is acceptable, and the best is 0.
Integrated above, this Tiger Tag Heuer Aquaracer 500 watch travel time is still very stable, and whether it is from the technical or design of the design point of view, are considered a very cost-effective table. Men three tables: leisure, sports and suits! In the summer before the arrival of their own Tim add a sports table, man, should not have a diving watch it?

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HUBLOT 2016 The Best of Tabulation in the Year’s Classroom and the Art of Embroidery

Art from originality, Swiss watchmaking brand HUBLOT Yu-ship table has always been for the pursuit of art rooted in the spirit of the brand, in the infinite imagination of the space to explore the field of continuous exploration of the arts. Today, Yu-ship table is the Swiss traditional embroidery technology and high-tech innovation watchmaking process integration, and advanced customization for the provision of embroidery products for the Swiss top Bischoff embroidery company, with embroidery tell a story, co-designed Big Bang series of embroidery replica watches and Big Bang embroidery candy skeleton watch, the use of exquisite temptation of the material and vivid details of the cleverly decorated with a sexy Big Bang embroidered watch, full of women’s ultimate charm Replica HUBLOT Big Bang embroidered watches
Yu-ship table has long been exploring the latest high-tech materials at the same time, also did not forget to pay tribute to traditional crafts, followed by denim fabric for creative inspiration and then a variety of fashion elements for tabulation process. Yu-ship table in 2015 will be root yarn embroidery from a long time in the traditional concept of the complete liberation. Switzerland’s top watch brand for the first time the high fashion customization, fashion trends and high-level ladies underwear industry, the exquisite elements of mastery, decorated with sexy charm of the Big Bang embroidery watch. Perfect interpretation of women’s self-confidence and soft, with the charming temptation of embroidery art and watchmaking technology combined with each other. Set rebellious and sexy Ou root yarn embroidery to its unique charm in the carbon fiber made of dial and strap, which is the first time in the history of watchmaking mesh material “into” carbon fiber, innovation and technology from Yu-ship table R & D team developed with great concentration.
September 26, 2016, Yu-ship table in 2016 annual watchmaking class in the birthplace of Suzhou embroidery – beautiful and varied in Suzhou, this after thousands of years of Suzhou city quiet elegance because of Suzhou embroidery and even more brilliant. Yu-ship table invited partners, from Switzerland Bischoff embroidery company’s design director Rachel DeLagenest and Chinese embroidery artist Yao Jianping came to the antique Yao Jianping Embroidery Museum of Art, showcasing the Western women’s cultural charm and fusion of innovation. At the same time they have a further exchange of the use of East-West aesthetics in the design of the Hublot replica watches, Yu-ship table as a bridge to the art of Western advanced customization and oriental style in this encounter, Chinese and Western embroidery culture in the Yu-ship table traction collision A new spark.
Embroidery is the earliest decorative language of mankind, from St. Gallen, Switzerland (St.Gallen) of the traditional embroidery process is world-famous. Bischoff embroidery company in Switzerland, embroidery, has always been innovative and unique fashion appearance and elegant design renowned high fashion industry, from Bischoff embroidery company’s design director Rachel tells the story of Big Bang embroidery watch design, “how in the watch We are very pleased to have such a new attempt from the creative team of the two companies to jointly develop a unique pattern layout and Big Bang iconic design integration.This is the art and craft The creation of the new embroidery watch for the birth of the pursuit of self – style and spirit of independent fashion women show a more unique fashion charm.
Replica HUBLOT watches
And from the east of the Soviet Union is the elegant color of the Soviet Union embroidered colors, more than 30 years of experience in embroidery artist Yao Jianping is a national non-heritage projects Suxiu representative inheritors, in the tradition on the basis of creating a unique ” Style, “the era of needle and thread.” Her works have also been presented to national leaders on many occasions as permanent gifts to the National Museum of China, the Nanjing Museum, the Great Hall of the People and Buckingham Palace. Yu-ship watch in the understanding of the birth process of embroidery watch, Yao Jianping said, “I very much appreciate Yu-ship table on the pursuit of art and exploration, not only decorated with art dial, but also gives a new expression of embroidery art form, More people understand the art of embroidery and its integration and modernity.
In 2015, Yu-ship table released the first Big Bang embroidery watch, and in the Swiss watch industry’s most authoritative fifteenth Geneva Grand Prix (Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève) won the “Best Women Watch award “(Ladies Best Watch). Big Bang embroidery watch “to needle painting”, the gorgeous Ou root yarn embroidery into the watch design, dial for the skeleton pattern and mosaic 11 diamonds, and bezel and bracelet is soft gentle vines pattern to the collision The beauty of the rebellious interpretation of sexy. At the same time, this is also a technical initiative, the first time in the history of the mesh mesh embroidery material “into” carbon fiber, to create the dial and carbon fiber bezel, R & D team worked hard for several months.
HUBLOT Big Bang embroidered watches
2016, Yu-ship table embroidery watch and then show the fragrance, the introduction of two new limited edition watch series – Big Bang embroidery candy skeleton watch (41 mm) and Big Bang embroidery watch (41 mm), continue to soft confidence Of the female charm and cutting-edge innovation and technology perfect fusion, two are limited edition collection 200. This is the second consecutive year Yu-ship table with Bischoff embroidery company, for the style of fashionable women show the ultimate gorgeous Ou root yarn embroidery new masterpieces. Dial design abandon all the traditional design principles of slim dial, designers significantly reduce the thickness of the operation so that the pointer and embroidery will not touch each other. This watch is called the “fusion of art” model, clever use of traditional technology, beyond the limits of technological innovation, is a superb art and the ultimate art of integration.
In 2015, Yu-ship table and specifically for the advanced custom fashion to provide embroidery products, Switzerland’s top Bischoff embroidery company for the first time, to jointly develop a unique pattern layout in order to perfect integration with the Big Bang iconic design. Big Bang embroidery watch dial for the skull and inlaid with 11 diamonds, and bezel and bracelet is soft gentle vines pattern, the beauty of the interpretation of the rebellious beauty of the collision. This is also a technology initiative, R & D team after months of painstaking effort. In the Swiss watch industry’s most authoritative fifteenth Geneva Grand Prix (Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève), HUBLOT replica Yu-ship table Big Bang embroidery watch is an overwhelming advantage to obtain the “Best Women Watch award “(Ladies Best replica Watches) award.Replica HUBLOT Embroidery watches
Turquoise green, sea soul blue, light pink, purple, bright yellow, orange red, purple blue, and in the embroidery silk into the colorful silk, shine out of the metallic luster … Big Bang embroidery candy skull watch Mm) inspired by the 2016 T station, skeleton graphics, dial 11 red spinel and strap vines together to write a colorful and beautiful color Rhapsody. 41 mm diameter case of simple power to add style to the watch: black ceramic bezel with 36 red spinel, steel bezel decorated with 36 pink Sapphire, and rose gold bezel Zeyi 36 blue Sapphire embellishment. Dial and bezel each other, mosaic 12 precious stones, ceramic models inlaid red spinel, stainless steel inlaid pink sapphire, rose gold models are inlaid blue sapphire.
In 2016, Yu-ship table to ceramic, stainless steel, gold three kinds of material enriched Big Bang embroidery watch family. Black or silver Lurex silk embroidery shines on the soft silk color, ceramic models for the black embroidery, stainless steel section with silver embroidery, and gold models are used gold embroidery, as the luxury of fine lace underwear as delicate, subtle To pass a sultry sexy. Full of charm embroidery extends from the dial to the bezel, the sexy magic play most vividly.Replica HUBLOT watches

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Replica TAG Heuer Monaco V4 Phantom Officially on stage

TAG Heuer replica new dispatch of the Monaco V4 Phantom all dark, full matte, smart sort, no trade off, amazingly calm. Its case, and in addition its unbelievable development in the seven Banqiao, made altogether of carbon fiber; development is outfitted with surely understood small scale toothed belt (equal to a hair thickness, width under 0.07 mm), direct programmed plate Back and forward on the track to totally subvert the conventional watch new path for the watch on the programmed winding, this is the Monaco V4 Phantom.
Replica TAG Heuer Monaco V4 Phantom
Monaco V4 in a direct circle for belt drive and straight gravity development, subversion of the clock mechanical guideline
Replica TAG Heuer
The new replica Monaco V4 Phantom components another case made of CMC (carbon-based composite) and seven scaffolds in a development made of CMC (carbon-based composite). In the creation procedure, specifically the utilization of “directional carbon” innovation, that is, carbon fiber set in a bearing in the shape, and afterward smaller scale shower, which gives them symmetry and especially exquisite “matte dark vertical iced” appearance. The whole dial presents dim dark and dark tones. For instance, the pointer utilizes a multi-faceted outline and silk complete, with a titanium carbide covering and dark dim SuperLuminova ™ radiant material. Just pearl (development in a sum of 48 valuable stones) can demonstrate a touch of red.
Replica TAG Heuer Monaco V4 Phantom
Replica TAG Heuer
The TAG Heuer replica watches  in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, utilizes carbon fiber as a part of the improvement, generation and manual get together procedure to make a beautiful and advanced Monaco V4 Phantom watch, ultra-light weight, And give extra seismic assurance. For a ultra-complex capacity watch, its vanguard outline is especially attractive special.

The new Monaco V4 Phantom table back can be seen utilizing CMC (carbon-based composite material) delivered by the development
Replica TAG Heuer Monaco V4 Phantom
The principal Monaco V4 was discharged 12 years prior in 2004. The name V4 is gotten from its V-molded fundamental plate which is mounted between two neighboring sets of metal rollers and has four barrels. They were +/ – 13 ° edge, reminiscent of F1 dashing motor utilized as a part of the chamber. Monaco V4 does not complete traditional rotational movement, but rather in the (patent) direct circle for belt drive and straight gravity development, subverting the essential standards of watchmaking apparatus. The primary Monaco with a square case, in an extraordinary 1971 film “Speed” (Le Mans) Steve McQueen (Steve McQueen) worn the watch; Won the Red Dot Design Award, and also the Wallpaper magazine’s Watch of the Year and Popular Science, Best Innovation Award (Best of What’s New).

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Review tag heuer carrera replica Swiss watch series

tag heuer carrera replica Swiss watches
tag heuer carrera replica Swiss watches
tag heuer carrera replica Swiss watches
As to history of a nation, or even to people, 150 years might be only a little piece. Be that as it may, for a maker of watch, tag heuer carrera replica like copy watches, 150 years would unquestionably say something very different. TAG Heuer, as watch producer is an entrancing organization that has done a considerable measure and picked up a praiseworthy measure of prominence for an upscale select watch maker. it has a decent notoriety long 150 years, which is predictable with the first idea for the outline, advertising, producing, and break down sturdy watches with exactness, which is called “following 1860, the ‘connected with the Swiss style of cutting edge. ” Currently, on the off chance that you are searching for an awesome best fake watch to add to your gathering, or simply chasing for a top of the line timepiece, so my diagram beneath can offer assistance.

toward the start of TAG Heuer Carrera copy watch, the thought of ​​his outline was motivated by the bike race. In 1964, Jack Heuer item Tag Heuer Carrera arrangement, attempting to remember likely the hardest “Carrera Panamericana Mexico race.” Today, the arrangement carrera simply ahead and take worldwide star Leonardo DiCaprio to create the bore 360 watch idea, transport utilizing the exceptional development delivered by the tag heuer cutting edge classification workshop to convey the unbelievable visit.
tag heuer carrera replica Swiss watches
as a watch maker is a captivating organization that has done a considerable measure and picked up an estimable measure of notoriety for an upscale select watch producer. the watch instance of the watch tag heuer replica after a facelift pounding the surface of the white dial adorned with decoration, scale numbers clear and decipherable Arabic timing, rich and fragile minimal blue three pointers.

it sets the second little plate and date show window at the 6 o’clock position, in the 12 o ‘clock position, it sets the beginning configuration of the TAG Heuer logo. it won’t not take a gander at to begin with, but rather where it counts, it is excellent.

furthermore, the TAG Heuer Carrera uk bore 36 copy set of expert game has uncommon light and solid quartz watch, which could permit singular travel unreservedly and can achieve all levels important for athletic execution. in the event that you are that sort of individual who dependably needs to appear as something else and one of a kind, the copy of the watch of this release would surely you write.
tag heuer carrera replica Swiss watches
All things considered, the carrera not resuscitated in 1996 when the first Carrera was restored with extraordinary achievement, “Label Heuer was the main individual to just repeat an authentic model that makes it attractive. Presently everybody available does this. “Said Jack Heuer with respect to recuperation.

it is the first run through for TAG Heuer Carrera 1887 imitation watch has a presentation level rather than 3-hand chronograph was presented when utilizing a fourth era get. Amid the time around 1950, the well known Lemania 5100 development has been utilized as a part of more than an era (which is the time Lemania has ended up one of the proprietors of heuer). Nonetheless, over the long haul, the advancement bearing of the organization has begun to change.

it has long ended up CARRERA relic ever. TAG Heuer replica uk is expanded, and the new organization was going in various heading and expanding. – TAG Heuer replica uk

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Replica TAG Heuer UK Cheap New Brand Ambassador

Last September 21st in Miami, TAG Heuer reproduction reported that Giancarlo Stanton, right defender for the Miami Marlins player and MVP hopeful top pick, will speak to the brand as the official represetative. TAG Heuer Replica Watches and Stanton praised the declaration in the Miami Design District boutique of the brand, the combination of game and culture universes with the revered legacy TAG Heuer as an imitation extravagance watch Swiss watch brand.
Replica TAG Heuer  UK Cheap New Brand Ambassador
Stanton exhibited the new replica Tag Heuer Aquaracer 300M artistic bezel, a replica  watches made for the individuals who rely on upon praiseworthy execution characteristics of the brand and intended to stay firm in great conditions.
Replica TAG Heuer  UK Cheap New Brand Ambassador
Stanton was joined by kindred TAG Heuer copy  UK shabby ministers, Nervo, multi-gifted dynamo DJ/maker who the untouched high positioning female DJs on the planet. Visitors had the interesting delight of listening to a unique set that Nervo Stanton taught the basics of their art. Despite the fact that Stanton exceeds expectations in the baseball field and Nervo sparkles behind the decks, the two ministers looking to challenge tradition in their separate callings, and offer an unbelievable capacity to withstand high-weight situations when running.

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